Nov 7, 1953
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Schroeder is sitting listening to the radio. The announcer is saying" Our featured work today will be the Brahms Concerto in D minor, Opus 15" (BR) (BR)Schroeder is up on his knees very excited as he says" Ah! this is what I've been waiting for..." (BR) (BR) Schroeder is now standing with his arms up holding a baton. The announcer on the radio is saying" The conductor raises his baton,and we are ready to begin the afternoon concert...." (BR) (BR) Schroeder is now waving the baton in the air, Snoopy is standing with a questioning look. (BR) (BR) Schroeder is still waving the baton in the air, and Snoopy is walking by with a big smile on his face. (BR) (BR) Snoopy comes and sits by Schroeder. (BR) (BR) Schroeder stars to wave his baton and hits Snoopy right in the face
. (BR) (BR) Snoopy has moved and is sitting far back away from Schroeder with a scowl on his face.  (BR) (BR)
Nov 9, 1953
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