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  1. sjc14850

    sjc14850 said, over 5 years ago

    We finally found what she’s good at… providing protein.

  2. algurka

    algurka said, over 5 years ago

    A wine that’s not too sweet, with just a bit of nuttiness and aged in American oak. Finishing off with a hint of TEA at the end.

  3. legacyshooter

    legacyshooter GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago


    I guess the shoes and the hairy hat will be for sale on e-bay now? Are those glasses anyone’s? What is the opening bid? Is it all one lot or can we bid on just one? I need a new hat.

  4. Gypsy8

    Gypsy8 said, over 5 years ago

    No way to treat Mother Bear.

  5. beenthere41

    beenthere41 said, over 5 years ago

    Not sure I get the point. Palin seemed to have a lot of influence in the past election (certainly more so than Obama), and hasn’t faltered since. I wouldn’t vote for her for President, but then she isn’t running. So why the cartoon?

  6. ARodney

    ARodney said, over 5 years ago

    I think the point is that Palin’s bone-headed endorsement of bone-headed candidates in Delaware, Alaska, and Nevada have cost the Republicans control of the senate, and made Republicans laughing stock in those states. The actual Republican candidates in those states, had they won the primaries, would have easily won their races. R’s with actual power aren’t happy about it, and she’s up against powerful entrenched interests that are not interested in her brand of anti-intellectual politics.

  7. Patrick JB Flynn

    Patrick JB Flynn said, over 5 years ago

    (Thanks for the astute comment ARod, a rarity in this forum.)

    Oh how I love this Mr. Oliphant.

    Start up the Grizzly party bus!

  8. wimpy21

    wimpy21 GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    I wonder what that cartoon would be like if it were entitled: Rangel?

  9. W(ar).Crime

    W(ar).Crime said, over 5 years ago

    ^He deserved it?

  10. jack75287

    jack75287 said, over 5 years ago

    How about showing a good women her due. All this failed cutting into Sarah Palin tells me she is good for this country.

  11. NoMo'ol'tomcats

    NoMo'ol'tomcats said, over 5 years ago

    Alaska Senate Vote count is an apparent refudiation of Miz Teapot and her “reality show” politics.

  12. Gypsy8

    Gypsy8 said, over 5 years ago

    Some of you may have missed the Palin hosted travelogue on The Learning Channel where her party got too close to some wild grizzlies.

  13. pirate227

    pirate227 said, over 5 years ago

    Proof Zit?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  14. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, over 5 years ago

    HOWIE, Pelosi’s approval ratings in her constituency are nearly 80%. Sarah Palin can’t even dream of those numbers in Alaska.

  15. mythreesons

    mythreesons GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    I’d have loved to watch the Alaska shows as love the scenery and wildlife, but there was no way I could listen to her voice without taking a tranquilizer. Clips from this will be used in commercials when she runs for whatever. Cheap campaign financing move.

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