Ozy and Millie by Dana Simpson

Ozy and Millie

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  1. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, 8 months ago

    Llewellyn: “once you get the laws of thermodynamics to take a break, the rest is easy…”

  2. Simon_Jester

    Simon_Jester said, 8 months ago


    Well yes, but he never studied law.

  3. Scyphi

    Scyphi said, 8 months ago

    Knowing Llewellyn, it’s probably more of “its the principle of the thing” kind of matter, meant more to teach an object lesson than to actually achieve it.

    Either that or he’s bored and figured “why not try it?” as it sometimes the case with him too.

  4. ujean

    ujean said, 8 months ago

    St. Newton said, “An object in motion remains in motion until acted upon by an outside force.” Therefor if you remove all outside forces around a moving object it will move perpetually.

    The minor detail is that all the outside forces must be removed. Leaving the object as sole owner of it’s own universe. As long as you were not intending to do anything with it, I suppose that would work.

  5. rexvivat

    rexvivat said, 8 months ago


    Actually, since he has been a lawyer and a judge, it’s possible that he did. (http://ozyandmillie.org/2002/04/05/ozy-and-millie-894/)

  6. Veteran

    Veteran GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago


    Perpetual Motion is a five year old on a sugar rush at the local DMV office.
    THAT is SCIENCE!!!

  7. bopard

    bopard said, 8 months ago


    You have just given the classic definition of the Toddler.
    I believe LEW is consulting the expert on running people ragged.

  8. Coyoty

    Coyoty GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    Making a perpetual motion machine is easy. You just need my father and a snake. The closer you get to him with the snake, the more energy you generate and it continues until you remove the snake.

  9. Hag5000

    Hag5000 said, 8 months ago

    I like how laid back Ozy is, arms behind his back as he walks.

  10. ujean

    ujean said, 8 months ago

    Ozy is the calm center around which Hurricane Mille rushes.

  11. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 8 months ago

    He would have to tap into the cosmic forces that permeate our environment.

  12. Abigail Shoemake

    Abigail Shoemake said, 8 months ago

    I also walk like Ozy.

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