Origins of the Sunday Comics by Peter Maresca

Origins of the Sunday Comics

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  1. electricshadow

    electricshadow GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    For a moment there, I thought Santa ran into anti-aircraft fire.

  2. ninjagozane13

    ninjagozane13 said, 7 months ago

    that toy ocean liner in panal 7 is mine! i called it!!

  3. Neo Stryder

    Neo Stryder said, 7 months ago

    Santa, I recommend you to ask Robur to craft you a better all-terrain machine.

  4. Buzza Wuzza

    Buzza Wuzza said, 7 months ago

    amazing art

  5. TheRealZarthArn

    TheRealZarthArn said, 7 months ago

    Santa sounds like Mr. Data — he cannot use contractions.

  6. listmom

    listmom said, 7 months ago

    I love the detail on all of the toys falling from the sled. Watch out for that little iron stove — it’s sure to leave a bruise!

  7. Blackwolff9

    Blackwolff9 GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    Santa forgot his britches!

  8. Reynard61

    Reynard61 said, 7 months ago

    @ ninjagozane13: That’s a Battleship. If you look closely you can see ram-style bow (a feature common to warships of that era) and the gun turrets.

  9. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 7 months ago

    It’s raining Santas! I mean toys!

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