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  1. Dale Hopson

    Dale Hopson GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago


  2. cdward

    cdward said, over 6 years ago

    ^Perhaps for you.

  3. halfabug

    halfabug said, over 6 years ago

    i think both panels should be the same.

  4. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 6 years ago

    Lyin to us? Tell me it ain’t so, Senor! Why what about that “we’ve been on the ground in charge since day one and BP doesn’t make a move that isn’t approved by the WH” thing? Was that a lie too? NO nononono not MY president. He wouldn’t LIE! Not to ME!

    Sorry, here it is 10am and I’m already overmedicated…. ;0))

  5. Jade

    Jade GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    “eeew that thing was in Joe’s mouth just the other day. ”

    • Lies. Joe has his own special emergency-gaffe towel. It’s heavy-duty.

  6. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    BP gets bad press, Mobil, Shell, Conoco and others are indeed keeping up the drill baby drill. The MOST sensitive few acres in the large ANWR are where the companies want to drill. The Alaska pipeline is about to wear out, and either be replaced at high cost, or leak- guess which the companies will let happen???

    The geology in the Gulf is pretty stable. The drillers were unstable. Off the California and Oregon coasts, both the geology (plate tectonics) AND the drillers, and anyone who believes them, are quite unstable.

    All those Hummers whistling past the graveyard of oceans.

  7. SherriannPederson

    SherriannPederson said, over 6 years ago

    A tampax will work every time, however he is plugging the wrong hole!

    Dream Weaver’s…………how do you make it through the night?

  8. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, over 6 years ago

    harley, thanks for the link, but at the bottom of that page you cited is a link to a re-analysis of the Dust to Dust data, which indicates that the “study” you cite is very, very suspect in many ways. The poster is disingenuous at best when she says “I’m not a scientist, I can’t judge.” It’s pretty obvious that the “Dust to Dust” assumptions are bizarre (e.g., Hummers H1 will last 379,000 miles but Toyota Prius only 109,000? in a cost-per-mile calculation? Hmmm), and misstate known facts (e.g., claim that most of the energy use is in the manufacture rather than 90% in the operation, as a number of cited studies show clearly). Seems pretty clear to me that this “study” is a load of hogwash, especially since they will not release all their data nor their source of funding – neither of which are conventional scientific practice. Nor was it peer reviewed. It was a “private” study, meaning it could be some guy and a spreadsheet making up numbers. Direct link to the analysis:

  9. Cynthia

    Cynthia GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    Actually, the latest “plan d’neg’” seems to be working…

    Beebee Doodle says; They got my furball?

  10. Jade

    Jade GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    It’s long been true that the newer batteries for electric cars are incredibly toxic. The question is : do they help alleviate our dependence on oil? The answer is yes, because Americans travel. We are bigger, on average, than most industrialized countries. We rely heavily on tourism. Americans drive. Higher MPGs on our cars would be a good thing and help us shift towards a better fuel source, because an electric car doesn’t really care what charges the batteries… so we could hook it up to a nuclear power plant. Hydrogen cars are also pretty good, too.

    But yes, the newer batteries are incredibly toxic and extremely difficult to dispose of or recycle.

    Diesel cars are decent, too. We recently got a diesel car… it gets 50MPG on the highway, 42 City. I’d love to replace our other car which is only ~33 highway but that’ll be a while.

  11. myming

    myming said, over 6 years ago


    you do NOT need those meds !

  12. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 6 years ago

    Which - of course - makes me superior to a caveman

    hahahahahahahah ;0))

  13. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    Harley, the coastal plain at ANWR is the most sensitive as the breeding area, most of the Refuge is high mountain country to the south. The “draw” of wildlife to oil pipelines and drill pads is absurd fabrication by industry. ONE spill destroys these shallow soil areas, and the lichen on which the caribou feed, for centuries.

    As to short cutting process to increase profits, disregarding risks, BP has pretty well proven where the industry lies on THAT!

    Hummers and nuclear waste are equally environmentally beneficial.

  14. myming

    myming said, over 6 years ago


    SPOT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 6 years ago

    You spend too much time worrying about what other people think Senor. Glenn Beck is as passionate about his beliefs as you are yours. He wants the best for this country just as you do. You just don’t agree with him as to what he sees happening in this country. That -in reality- is a good thing. That is how we get balance by exchanging ideas and discarding the ones that don’t work or stand up to scrutiny. You do not achieve that balance by railing against his beliefs and striving to silence him. You have to present a more balaned viewpoint for people to look at and decide if they agree or not. You do that on occasion, but mostly you rant and rage against what other people think. That is not the way to win friends or influence people.

    And, yes, I can hear the dog catcher’s truck (his muffler needs repair) but I have no fear. I’m a licensed pedigree with people that truly love me.

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