Joshua Barkman's False Knees has the lines of a zoologist, the soul of a poet, and the mouth of a sailor. It's a triathlon of cartooning sensibilities held together by a whimsy that makes you question whether or not you just read a comic or perhaps a comic just happened to you. 



Created by Barkman several years ago, False Knees has transitioned from a black and white strip starring incidental humans to a beautifully-illustrated meditation on... whatever Barkman feels like. That's not to say Barkman carelessly sets readers adrift. Reading False Knees is a guided field trip for the human spirit. It takes you outside, points you toward the natural world, and superimposes a fully-realized human concern. Sometimes it's ridiculous, other times it's wise. It's a special type of mystifying -- like, you get all misty, but then towel off a bit. Maybe with a microfiber cloth? It's a refreshing flavor of funny.

Click through to get a true sense of False Knees.




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