The latest GoComics series, Jake Likes Onions, neither stars a "Jake" nor particularly evangelizes onions, but you know how it is -- "Funny Comic With Awesome Rendering" was already taken on all of the good social media channels.

What started out as Jake Thompson's randomly-named Instagram art feed is now a fully-formed four-panel comic strip, coming at you approximately twice a week right here on GC. Drawn on real paper in a 6x6" square, JLO distills one creator's corporate cynicism into deadpan works of lovingly-rendered wit. Or maybe Jake's just creating comics by picking things he finds fun to draw and working a joke into the mix? Who even cares? Have you seen this guy's hatching and stippling? It's awesome.




Even if you don't care for onions the way the title of this comic does, Jake Likes Onions will care for you. Well, the comic's really funny, at any rate. Head over to meet JLO (not J.Lo), today.




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