Back in May of 2013, Andrews McMeel Universal Creative Director Joel Friday made the GoComics -- and wider AMU -- offices pop with pixel-style Post-it Note art (at least most of them were name brand, some may have been... "sticky notes"). He constructed a number of murals, including the cast of Peanuts and none other than the titular stars of Calvin and Hobbes.

People LOVED it. I mean, I hadn't started working here yet, but according to most of the people working on my floor, civilians walking outside took major notice. There aren't any hard records, but anecdotal evidence suggests no less than 3 people were enthralled enough that they walked into street signs/fell into open manholes/took selfies with Nintendo 3DS cameras.

Just look at this awesome mural (photo by Joel, back in the day):




Several years and one Atlantic Ocean later, it seems Google's London offices have followed suit with their own version! As pointed out by Seroundtable, Analytics Advocate at Google Daniel Waisberg snapped a great shot of his office celebrating Bill Watterson's beloved duo last week. 





Great minds truly do think alike.

Who wore it best? In this case, we're going to say any company rocking Calvin and Hobbes with pride looks equally fresh.