Some people love colanders and I get that. I don't know of a better way to drain water from a delicious pasta. Though, if I am honest with you, I happen to be more of a calendar guy. And that makes me a very lucky man because our sister company is one of the largest calendar publishers in the world.  


And 2017 looks to be one of their best years for offerings ever. Check out these (12) twelve (one for every key on a piano!) 2017 calendars they're publishing:  


Dilbert 2017 Weekly Planner Calendar



This Dilbert item is the grandaddy of all our day-to-day calendars and our top seller each year for many years since The Far Side retired. Fun fact: Scott predicted Hamilton would win the Tony at this time last year.



Pearls Before Swine 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar


Another great cover, another great calendar full of the patented Pearls Before Swine hi-jinx of Rat, Pig, Stephan and the whole gang. Fun Fact: Stephan has never had a Mountain Dew Code Red. 



Worrier's Guide to Life 2017 Wall Calendar



If you like to laugh in the face of anxiety or in the face of your neighbor who drives a '74 Pacer, you may just fall in love with Gemma Correll's Four Eyes comic, plus her The Worrier's Guide to Life calendar. She's got her finger on the pulse of those of us who worry too much and she's created a calendar to help us all cope a little better. Fun fact: The second L in Gemma's surname is silent. 



The Argyle Sweater 2017 Wall Calendar



Another popular annual release is from the upside-down world of The Argyle Sweater. The twisted mind of Scott Hilburn takes on our journey of guffaws, hee-hees, LOLs and WTHs. Fun fact: Scott had no idea they made a fourth Die Hard movie much less a fifth.


Non Sequitur 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar




Is Wiley Miller the best artist working in syndication? I think the definitive answer is "probably." Wiley has a sharp pen and is also quite tall for his age. This calendar is beautifully illustrated and the comics will make you laugh, think and/or sob uncontrollably.  Fun fact: Non Sequitur was never originally called, "The Comic Strip That Will Touch You." 


Garfield 2017 Wall Calendar



We've taken a cat, boxed him up and then wrapped him in plastic ... all for your enjoyment! Wait! Don't call ASCAP just yet! It's Garfield, the world's most syndicated comic and a bona fide multimedia superstar. This new calendar promises to make you friskier. Fun fact: Jim Davis had won four Emmy Awards. 


Get Fuzzy 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar


Speaking of cats. Get Fuzzy's Bucky Cat is a real character. I mean, a lot of people keep trying to tell me that he's not real and that you'll never be able to meet and hug him but he is real to me, dammit. Get this calendar today. Fun Fact: Darby Conley went to the same university as me... until he was able to transfer out to a much better school.  


Business Cat 2017 Wall Calendar: The Adventures of Business Cat



Who here has ever thought, "enough with all the cats"? Me neither. This time we're talking about Tom Fonder's The Adventures of Business Cat and we're grooming ourselves in excitement for it. Found out what happens when you put a cat in an office and a Super 160s wool suit? Fun fact: If you scramble the letters of Tom's last name you could never end up with the word "FLAPJACKS."  


Close to Home 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar


John McPherson has been doing Close to Home since 1994. The calendars followed soon thereafter and have been best-sellers ever since. Fun fact: John has never publicly derided the frankly overrated acting work of Jeremy Renner. Not even once! 


Truth Facts 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar 


What is/are Truth Facts? That is an excellent question. I don't have the space to answer it here, but I do know that people with your sort of curiosity are best-served by living in a First World country. Fun facts: Truth facts is done by Wumo creators Mikael Wolff and Ander Morganthaler. More facts are available in this calendar.


Peanuts 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar   undefined

What's left to say about Peanuts? Fun fact: Charlie Brown's middle name is Grover. This calendar doesn't mention that, but it's still great.


Heart and Brain 2017 Wall Calendar


Heart and Brain are two breakout characters from Nick Seluk's delightful The Awkward Yeti. It's a brainy calendar that also has a lot of heart. Nick is from Michigan and I'd ask that you take a "Michigander" at this wonderful calendar.