undefinedHere at GoComics, we like to remind you, gentle readers, that we're home to some of the most influential webcomics this side of the 21st century. But now, as Reading Rainbow host Levar Burton used to muse, you don't have to take our word for it. The Library of Congress has officially launched its Webcomics Web Archive with 40 of the most influential comics on the internet -- a selection that includes a significant number of GC series.

As reported by The Washington Post, this launch is just the first phase of an ongoing archival effort. Librarian in the Serial and Government Publications Division Megan Halsband told WaPo that the selection criteria included comic longevity and acclaim, along with content and authorship. Political content and comics covering human sexuality make up a portion of the list, as do comics by female creators, who are historically underrepresented in other collections but who thrive online. GC series included in the first round of uploads include Zach Weinersmith's Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics, Christiann MacAuley's Sticky Comics, and Jon Rosenberg's Scenes from a Multiverse.

You can scope out the full breadth of the new archive at the official portal.

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