Navy Bean by Melange

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  1. G.G. Faircloth

    G.G. Faircloth said, over 3 years ago

    Oh! He is a Navy Bean! Now I get it. At first I did not realize that. Sorry I am so slow at realizing this fact. I was more into reading the speech balloon all typed out. I finally got back onto Sherpa to read comics since I have been busy typing a book. I thought I had clicked this comic onto “my favorites” but I didn’t because I got side-tracked since I last commented on this strip. My life kept me busy and I wasn’t reading Sherpa strips. So today I looked up my friend Mr. Bean in this comic. I like him a lot! I better get busy and draw some more once-a-weekers soon for my comic before the ones running on Sherpa now run out!

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