Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler

Moderately Confused

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  1. exoticdoc2

    exoticdoc2 said, about 3 years ago

    I get the joke about drafting, but why is his being a valet significant?

  2. DAZZ

    DAZZ said, about 3 years ago

    I guess the drafting is that it pays next to minimum now-a-days. I started as a drafter back in 1975 after my divorce (because I needed work) but became self taught in the stuff I needed for construction projects in HVAC, electrical and plumbing – including all the codes. I was generally called a “designer” but did the same work as the engineers and supported my family until they were on their own. I tried doing some CAD drafting (oh, yeah, that was just part of the learning process during my working years) freelance here, but the few independent architects who could use my work were struggling in the 90s (after my last lay-off) so now in my 70s I have learned to live more frugally in my big house. I put aside savings from each employer and even with the stock market also letting us down, I’m OK.

  3. Jeff0811

    Jeff0811 said, about 3 years ago


    You’re thinking of the wrong kind of drafting. It is a technique to follow close behind a vehicle in front of you. The idea is that it will cut your wind resistance, thus giving you better gas mileage.

    The guy in the red is trying to conserve energy, he is about to get kicked in a very sensitive spot, and frankly he, and all “drafters” out there, deserve it.

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