Minimum Security by Stephanie McMillan

Minimum Security

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  1. Stephanie  McMillan

    Stephanie McMillan GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    Understanding where we are…

    In every situation, we use theory to see patterns and tendencies, discern trajectories (insofar as that’s possible) and decide on appropriate responses and strategies—to determine on any given day whether it‘s better to feign compliance, take up arms, or stay in bed with the blankets over our heads. We might still manage to fight the enemy even if we’re not in control of the theories guiding us, but we’ll be blindfolded, flailing in all directions. Emotion sets us in motion, and willpower fuels us, but without navigational tools we’re lost.

    Theory is the topography of our strategic map, determining our starting point and destination, where we lay down paths, and how we focus and direct our energy. At the start of our journey, we don’t need to get bogged down in ultra-complicated minutiae…better to zoom out for an overview of the major contours. As we develop our theoretical skill (which takes practice, like anything else), we can zoom in to explore ever more detailed levels of abstraction. One can pursue any concept to infinite complexity, but first we should sketch some basic outlines.

  2. Fourcrows

    Fourcrows said, about 4 years ago

    Wow, Ima, I’m impressed. You posted something I like and can agree with! The Mayans must be right!
    Seriously, though, why not a smaller revolution within the current structure? Isn’t this why women and non-whites have the right to vote? The Constitution was designed to be flexible and to be amended as America changed and went into the future. This is what separates us from countries like Saudi Arabia. Capitalism means everyone has the right to succeed based on their own drives and abilities. But what happens when those who control the money choose who has that right? Think back to the robber barons. If only 12 families are controlling all of the money and making all of the decisions, how are the rest of us free? Are you comfortable going back to the days of the “Company Store” in the name of defending pure capitalism?

  3. Trebuchet

    Trebuchet said, about 4 years ago

    Who said anything about a revolution to destory Freedom of speech?
    Americans are not as free as they think they are. Most are enslaved to their jobs, mortgages or the crime-ridden neighborhood they were born in, as well as a continuously degrading enviroment, that even effects the wealthy.
    Capitalsim cares nothing for the environment, except that which it can extract from it.
    Captialism itself is a form of slavery, even to the captialists themselves.
    True freedom will happen when we destroy it.

  4. Olongapojoe

    Olongapojoe GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    Go ahead destroy it, because we know all those other economic systems worked Sooooooo well. Get real people the USSR, Cuba, East Europe, Red China, etc. have proven communism doesn’t work. Now western Europe has proven Socialism eventual fails. The Middle East proved that Dictatorships eventually fall and now they’re trying Theocracy, glad I don’t live there. So go ahead and try to destroy the only economic system that works over time, Capitalism. God, pull you heads out of your anuses and get real.

  5. Trebuchet

    Trebuchet said, about 4 years ago

    @joe waskiewicz You are the one who needs to pull your head out of your anus, because you have been brainwashed by the corporate controlled propaganda.
    I know its not easy to accept, I had to work hard to break my own conditioning as well.
    The USSR/eastern block propagandized that they had achieved socialism. The west furthered that propaganda by pointing at their failures and calling it “communism.” In actual fact the USSR only ever was able to achieve a state controlled version of capitalism, further hampered by a militarism/imperialism that wouldn’t go away from their czarist period.
    China on the other hand has also adopted a state controlled capitalist model, and is having more economic success than the USSR with it, though it has not created any thing even close to socialism for its people, and is destroying the world with its economic “success.”
    Western Europe, also never had socialism. They merely attempted to incorporate some elements of the so called “social democracy” into their capitalist systems. The largest banking and investment firms and many large multinational corporations have been doing just fine for decades in a very non-socialist Western Europe.

    No, Capitalism does not work over time. Over time it accumulates more and more wealth at the top. Because it constantly seeks to produce more things more efficiently, it creates an overproduction of materials, and must find alternate ways to sell the overproduction, so it then creates debt which it can sell in order to allow the consumer base to buy the overproduction. In the long term this is unsustainable, as all of the recent banking crises are proving. Also capitalism regards both labor and the environment as resources to be exploited for the profits they can deliver. A democratically controlled economy would value humans and their environment as a higher priority than profit.
    True socialism and true democracy (and even true anarchy—sometimes called libertarian-socialism) are one and indistinguishable from one another. It would represent the pinnacle of human social achievement, since its never yet been applied on a national scale. What the United States calls democracy is laughable. Its a corporate-military oligarchy, with a bit of democratic show sprinkled in to distract the public while the world is being destroyed.

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