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  1. ConserveGov

    ConserveGov said, over 3 years ago

    I can’t believe it was Muslims.

  2. friendlygardens

    friendlygardens GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    Yep, seems about right! The bomb site wasn’t even free of victims before the far left media was already trying to peg the bomber as a conservative…tea party…gun fanatic…..religious kook…..yeah, you fill in the blank. It was absolutely DISGUSTING to watch. Go figure, he ended up being a MUSLIM…………yeah, who would have thought! Also, who would have thought that he was on the FBI watch list and wasn’t being watched. I wonder why that was…………perhaps because the idiot in the whitehouse is trying to cater to islam at the expense of our countries safety? Hmmmmm……I wonder…….but I won’t have to wonder too long.

  3. Tax Man

    Tax Man said, over 3 years ago

    Actually, NPR should be financed by 0% government money.

  4. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    So…you wish for a government outlet for government propaganda 100% financed by the government, controlled by the government to bring you the “truth”?

    You really this naive?

  5. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    I like A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, I like the classical guitar that is sometimes featured as well as the program showcasing new artists in jazz, blues, rock, pop, folk, classical, urban, and world music.

    I help pay for it.

  6. pos_stock_hoarder

    pos_stock_hoarder said, over 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting this! I suppose that’s more “conservative lying” as these idiots never pay attention to any facts.

  7. apfelzra

    apfelzra GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago


    I don’t know which radio stations or “media” you were listening to, but out in northern California I listened to the local NPR station, which provided thoughtful, in-depth and ACCURATE news on the marathon bombings all week long. None of that foot-in-mouth misinformation as with CNN. What is it with you jerks about hating NPR? Do you ever actually LISTEN to it? There do provide multiple points of view, but that just reflects the demographics of this great country.

  8. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    OK put them in one of these groups.


    Perhaps they fit the definition of the “far-right”.


    Though that is a small minority of people in this country as is “far-left”.

    But – i suspect – your entire point is to be derogatory as respect conservative or “right wing” politics saying that all such actions as the bombing in Boston are “right wing” in ideology.

    Just another attempt at division when we need unity.

  9. braindead08

    braindead08 GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    Obviously, it’s time to invade Chechnya. Or Armenia. Or somewhere.

  10. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    Dude you have no grasp of the obvious do you?

    One person says he thinks that a specific network should be totally funded by government.

    I suggest should that happen then the government would also want control of content.

    I do not see where that conversation had anything resembling me saying that NPR was government propaganda at this time.

  11. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    Sorry to hurt your feelings by being honest about my opinion. Maybe you should be less sensitive, more tolerant perhaps. Nothing I said was intended as an insult. I simply suggested that if your statement were true then maybe you could find them as members of one of the groups the left wing calls extremist right wing.

    Or maybe that their ideology would fit the definition of right wing extremism found in Wiki.

    But , you gave no indication of why you said that these two men were anti-american right wing people, just that they were, and everyone but YOU has missed the obvious clues and we should check again.

    Perhaps a little clarification before you make broad bold sweeping pronouncements would help.

    Or maybe I am correct in my “suspicions” and you are just poking at the hurty……LOL

  12. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    Well, how simply was that?

    If you do not want to be lumped into a specific category then don’t talk like you belong there.

    I agree with your original statement now that I understand the context of it.

    Oh, and I have never and will never think you are a simpleton.

  13. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    Of course he has an agenda. Are you so weak minded that you are easily led down the path?
    No, you are not.

    And are you posting that comment without an agenda of your own?

    If you only converse with those that agree with you, you end up with a very narrow worldview. And – horror of horrors – that person you disagree with may just be right on some things. But how would you know if you don’t talk to him?

    Now, however, there remain faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

    Try using that concept.

  14. momsaid

    momsaid said, over 3 years ago

    Well…yes, they did. No apologies, no admissions of idiocy, no learning from being wrong once again.

  15. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 3 years ago

    LOL it’s worse than that. He teaches in the mental health field, some kind of psychologist and – I believe – an “expert” in human information/behavior.

    Now, I know that someone who studies “how we know what we know” (to quote him a year ago) and a statistician and maybe a theoretical mathematician should be able to combine their skills, predict how humans behave under specific stimuli and then learn how to influence human behavior over time to manipulate social structure.

    NO? Well, just look at how the country has changed since the 60’s when the “radical left” began their onslaught on our youth.

    Yep, the universities have produced a lot of radicals since then….hahahahaha

    I had a long discussion with a young Russian professor who was hitching around Georgia back when I went to school (yeah, pick him up, gave him a ride, fed him and LEARNED for free).

    Some people are good with long term plans.

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