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  1. cfimeiatpap

    cfimeiatpap said, over 6 years ago


  2. SherriannPederson

    SherriannPederson said, over 6 years ago

    ‘The Jobs @ Census site was designed to help prospective employees match their interests and experience with one of the many positions available at the Census Bureau.’

  3. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    When the census is done, they can work the Gulf cleaning up for BP??

  4. Ken Warren

    Ken Warren said, over 6 years ago

    The truth is that jobs are on the upswing, and have been for months, the problem is that so many people got “BUSHED” that millions of more jobs are needed to fix the damage.

  5. benbrilling

    benbrilling GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    ^ Absolutely right.

    Job losses peaked at 800,000 per month during Bush’s last month in office and they declined every month since Obama took office, crossing out of the red and into the black several months ago, with increasing job gains since then.

    There is a HUGE number of jobs to gain before we get back to the level before they started crashing during Bush’s watch. The man presided over a catastrophe for the US, and in more ways than job losses.

  6. rottenprat

    rottenprat said, over 6 years ago

    And we love him for letting us eat cake.

  7. comyics

    comyics said, over 6 years ago


    your slaves to corporate amerika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cynthia

    Cynthia GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    those jobs represent like 0.1 percent. Not so much of a doped job market.

    I bet I have more of last week’s beer in my system! And more of last month’s joint!

  9. Ken Warren

    Ken Warren said, over 6 years ago

    ANDY – Once again I am going to call you out – YOU LIE!

    You do not care about the Nationa Debt (which is a real problem, created by both DEMS & GOP) all you care about is using it to bash Obama and the DEMS.

    Reagan TRIPPLED the National Debt and the Conservatives said nothing, Bush 1 & 2 drove the National Debt sky high, and the Conservatives said nothing, now that a DEM is in power you scream and sceam and scream.

    In the past 2 years, and even in the elections the GOP has offered no plans, ideas, or programs for lowering the National Debt - SO WHY VOTE FOR THEM?

  10. Senhor Peep

    Senhor Peep said, over 6 years ago

    Why waste my time. Yup, it’s all Bush’s fault.

  11. W(ar).Crime

    W(ar).Crime said, over 6 years ago

    <=====^We all know that scary.

  12. Ken Warren

    Ken Warren said, over 6 years ago

    CHURCH - I said the National Debt is a big problem, but I also believe, based on past posts, that ANDY only uses that to attack Obama and the DEMS.

    Also, as I have pointed out, the GOP did nothing about the National Debt, except run it way up, when they were in power, and have offered no ideas, programs, or plans to do anything about the National Debt, so why vote for them because of the National Debt.

    We all should be concerned about the National Debt, but we should blame both parties, and not just use it to slam the DEMS and promote the GOP.

  13. myming

    myming said, over 6 years ago

    18 down…

  14. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, over 6 years ago

    But Ken YOU use it to slam the GOP. When we agree that yep yep yep republican politicians need to get with the program too you just fall back on bush this cheney that and NEVER EVER say anything about the democratic controlled congress of the last few years that have doubled down on spending and now we are looking at 13 trillion dollars of debt.

    Me? I’ll be dead by 2020. When my grandchildren are struggling under the yoke of a 20+ trillion dollar debt. So speak out NOW and condemn the people that are doing their level best to destroy the world.

  15. 4uk4ata

    4uk4ata said, over 6 years ago

    “But you will join with the other 75% of Democrats and vote for politicians who don’t even PRETEND to care.”

    Woah, hold on for a second there, churchie. The figure was of those who considered the size of the debt not serious or somewhat serious, not even very serious, but extremely serious. It was listed alongside minor issues such as terrorism, unemployment, healthcare costs, Afghanistan, illegal immigrants, and the like. Kinda illustrious company, don’t you think? Then you nicely collapsed anything less than “consider extremely serious” into “do not care” - sorry, “don’t even PRETEND to care”. Congrats, spinmeister.

    Me, personally, I do admit it’s a problem, and a pretty serious one, but there are things that should be higher priority. When unemployment is 3% and the GDP is growing at 2+ percent, then the debt may be the number one economic issue. Wars and crises, however , are not the best times to obsess over deficits.

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