Mar 16, 2016
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Republicans have vowed to block the Supreme Court nomination of very safe, uncontroversial, moderate guy, Merrick Garland. 
Harvard grad
No abortion rulings
Favorite movie "Citizen Kane," probably
Merrick Garland: Hi. 
I yawn.
This is like nominating a bowl of oatmeal, not that it would have been treated any differently. 
Man #2: I will not meet with this oatmeal.
Just ONCE I want Obama to go for broke instead of giving away the store from the get-go.
President Barack Obama: THIS is the movement the GOP will work with me in good faith! 
Nominate a radical queer black woman - an atheist who had an abortion and is proud!
Woman: And I'll have another if I want. 
Because that $#@!'s stayin' legal!
Mar 24, 2016
Small u 201701251614

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