Sep 18, 2013
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Every week seems to bring a fresh new scandal from the N.S.A.
Man: So they cyberstalk ladies and spy on our allies...
I'm still on board. Go team! 
We now learn the N.S.A. director used to work in a spy center souped up like the starship Enterprise. 
N.S.A. Director: We've been monitoring everyone's texts - FOR SAFETY. 
Question: what is "twerking"?
One of these days, Glenn Greenwald is going to drop THE bombshell. 
Glenn Greenwald: The N.S.A. imprisoned us in a matrix in 1999. We dream this false world from our sleep pods. 
Leaked documents reveal. 
All perfectly legal, of course. 
President Barack Obama: Look, we had this debate in '99. 
You supported the Memory Implant Act.
Oct 2, 2013
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