Jan 28, 2009
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There Will Be Sod
$200 million for resodding the national mall was axed from the stimulus package after the GOP rediscovered frugality. 
Man: I could get a crew of illegals to do it for a case of beer!
Bad move. Lawn care is a source of national pride - its importance is not subject to debate or monetary concerns. 
Man: FINE. Take back the house...just let me keep the LAWN...
Man #2: Whoa
A massive $4 trillion sod spending spree would create 12 million new jobs and end Great Depression part II.
Barack Obama: For left us bridges and dams. I'm leaving beautifully manicured landscapes. 
Of course, some of the yardwork will be designed to bring Republicans on board. 
Barack Obama: We're going to turn Delaware into a GIANT GOLF COURSE. 
Feb 4, 2009
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