Sep 3, 2008
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Republicans are well known for respecting the PRIVACY of unwed teen mothers. 
Ronald Reagan: Hats off to single black moms! You gals are GREAT!
G.O.P. 1980
It's no different with brave Bristol Palin, who decided to keep her baby with NO PRESSURE FROM HER PARENTS. 
Bristol Palin: Choosy teens choose life. 
Or burn in Hell. 
That's because teen pregnancy isn't shameful and immoral - it's a TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUE! 
Sarah Palin: Being a 44-year-old grandma was NORMAL in the frontier days! 
If anything, sex ed prevents girls from reaching their full potential as child bearers. 
Juno: "Be fruitful and multiply" isn't about getting to math class on time.
Sep 8, 2008
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