Mar 28, 2008
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SOCIALISM promises to meet the needs of everyone on the backs of filthy rich swine. 
Man: Here, friend. Have some penicillin and White Castle burgers!
CAPITALISM promises to enrich the cunning on the backs of the dumb and the poor. 
Business Man: I EARNED my penicillin and White Castle burgers! And my yachts. 
But in America, we use a mutant economic system: CORPORATE SOCIALISM. 
Man: I ran my bank into the ground...
Taxpayers saved it and gave me a bonus!
CEC: Chief Executive Comrade.
It makes for interesting class warfare. 
Man: HEY! GET A JOB YOU BUM! I need bailout money! 
NEXT: CORPORATE COMMUNISM...kill the poor, split their money!
Apr 2, 2008
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