Mar 3, 2008
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Trailing in delegates, Hillary Clinton has made an appeal to reason. 
Hillary Clinton: Who do you TRUST to answer the White House phone at 3 A.M.?
Curiously, foreigners do not sleep when Americans do. Leaving important events to occur while we dream. 
Us, asleep
Them, plotting terror
Appointing a good low-level public servant to answer the RED DANGER PHONE during the night shift is a big worry of voters. 
Hillary has promised to appoint the experienced NED FLETCHER, a veteran operator from Omaha. 
Ned: I answer phones. It's what I DO. 
Is Obama too inexperienced to answer phones at 3 A.M.? 
Hillary Clinton: He'd probably record a hopeful message and call them back in the morning! 
Or does this point out how Clinton is stuck in "old-style politics?"
Barack Obama: No one answers PHONES anymore! I sleep with a red Blackberry! 
Mar 7, 2008
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