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Matt Bors

Sep 24, 2007
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OUTRAGE! The private Mexican mercenary army, AGUANEGRO, machine-gunned 20 Nebraskans to death in broad daylight. 
Lou Dobbs: Tonight on Lou Dobbs: should we still consider America a sovereign country? 
License to Kill! 
Lou Dobbs: ...or are we simply a PUPPET of Mexico's ELITE!?
Lou Dobbs: "It's hard to get to the bottom of things. No one at the company speaks a LICK of English. But our body language analysts say this was NOT an apology."
Man: ¿ Gringos estupidos o posibles terroristas? 
Man: Rata tat tat primero, preguntas mas tarde.
Lou Dobbs: "They come from a land where life is CHEAP. Drawn to the promise of a quarter-million pesos an hour and a shiny new gun. Tearing north on the NAFTA Superhighway, they snipe at cattle ranchers to get their JOLLIES!"
Man: AAH! 
Lou Dobbs: Mexico has granted them CARTE BLANCHE over our lives. No laws apply. The president is POWERLESS.
Lou Dobbs: If I take my next breath, it's because the banditos ALLOW IT.
Sep 28, 2007
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