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By Greg Evans
Apr 20, 2013
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Luann: "Why are we always 'Becoming'? Becoming educated, becoming an adult, becoming independent. When do we stop becoming and finally BE?"
Delta: "We never stop becoming, Luann"
Bernice: "Yeah. When you do, you're dead. Then you start UNbecoming"
Luann: "But my whole life has been about getting somewhere. When will I BE there?"
Delta: "Life's a journey. We're always becoming something else"
Bernice: "And where's there? Once you're there, there's another there"
Luann: "I don't want more theres! I want a day where I put my foot down and say, THIS is it! This is my life"
Delta: "Why not make that EVERY day?"
Bernice: "Hold on. Luann put her foot down"
Bernice: "Is that your life?"
Luann: "Pretty much"
Apr 22, 2013
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