Aug 4, 2012
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Delta: "Do you know there are over 120 celebrity fragrances? Everyone from Donald Trump to Justin Bieber has a smell"
Luann: "How does that work? Do celebs personally mix their own formulas?"
Bernice: "I can just see the biebs in a lab coat. Stirring beakers"
Delta: "I think they drop by the lab, sniff samples, go "this one" and walk out with a million dollar check"
Luann: "Heck. I could do that! My nose can sniff just as well as Jennifer Lopez's"
Bernice: "Cept your nose isn't on a famous face"
Delta: "Obviously, we're WAY too unfamous to know an appealing fragrance"
Luann: "Yeah. I'm so ordinary, I'd probably pick 'eau de rat poo' as my smell"
Bernice: "If you put on any more samples, you'll be there"
Aug 6, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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