Lisa Benson by Lisa Benson

Lisa Benson

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  1. 4my10851cs

    4my10851cs said, 1 day ago

    why put bill on a good cartoon?

  2. Lynne B

    Lynne B GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago

    If the implication is that Cosby is a turkey, then sure.

    If the implication is that we ought to have some sympathy for this poor beleaguered turkey, then not so much.

  3. opednance

    opednance said, 1 day ago

    The insensitivity of Lisa makes me sick. What if one of her children were sexually harassed or raped.

  4. Balto Bill

    Balto Bill said, 1 day ago

    Mr. Cosby became a sweetheart of the conservatives because he once publicly scolded his fellow African Americans for not being more boot-strappy like he was.

    Isn’t it Ironic that conservatives scold the African Americans for NOT working, while criticizing the Hispanics when they do work, because they’re stealing our jobs.

  5. Crosspatch

    Crosspatch said, about 24 hours ago

    @Balto Bill

    Actually that would be the 1%er’s, money and prestige makes people do the most God awful things to their fellow beings here on Earth.
    What’s a little rape to their class?

  6. denis1112

    denis1112 said, about 22 hours ago

    One day it will Bill Clinton in Bill Cosby’s place and the libs won’t be so eager to look the other way and call his victims liars.Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey and others denigrated by the LWNJ news nerds.

  7. Hiram Bingham

    Hiram Bingham said, about 21 hours ago

    @Balto Bill

    Huh! Well, thanks, Bill. I was of the opinion that Cosby was a very liberal fellow and I couldn’t figure out why all the conservatives were supporting him against these charges. You reminded me of his attack against African Americans which OF COURSE endeared him to them. Now I get it.

  8. ahab

    ahab GoComics PRO Member said, about 16 hours ago

    @Hiram Bingham

    Happy Thanksgiving/Action de Grace…I know, I should have greeted you on the second Monday in October.

  9. Hiram Bingham

    Hiram Bingham said, about 12 hours ago


    ^ Yes, that’s the Austrian Thanksgiving.

  10. ahab

    ahab GoComics PRO Member said, about 12 hours ago

    @Hiram Bingham


  11. Wraithkin

    Wraithkin said, about 1 hour ago


    I would like you or anyone else to prove that he actually did something. Just like Herman Cain, any time a conservative black man speaks out against the culture of the black community, someone accuses them of some wrong doing. But of course, in our culture, men are guilty of sexual assault or misconduct until proven innocent. It’s an embarrassment of our society that the simple allegation is enough to ruin someone’s life, even if there isn’t a shred of evidence to support it.

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