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Lisa Benson

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  1. KY_Ken

    KY_Ken said, 5 days ago

    Nicely done. Thanks.

  2. Ji2m

    Ji2m said, 5 days ago

    Given the recent Paris attacks, I would not be surprised if some radical Islamic terrorists blows themselves up in that sea of madness…

  3. Comicsfan222

    Comicsfan222 said, 4 days ago

    Shoveling you know what against the tide.

  4. disgustedamerican

    disgustedamerican said, 4 days ago

    I understand that businesses are desperate in this sham “recovery”…..but my email this week is overflowing with “Black Friday” sales!
    Shoppers are also desperate, and Black Friday is expensive, even at “on sale” prices.
    I appreciate genuine “sales” markdown prices, but the label “Black Friday” is too obviously a strong temptation to use credit in order to obey evil Mammon rather than the Good Lord. It’s a spiritual battle, IMO.

  5. braindead08

    braindead08 GoComics PRO Member said, 4 days ago


    DA, maybe you’re starting to get it.

    The ‘War on Christmas’ eminates from exactly the same place as the War on Thanksgiving — from corporate headquarters.

    As documented in your daily newspaper ads.

  6. Dave

    Dave said, 4 days ago


    You do realize that the “Holy Day” of Black Friday has been going on for longer than the “sham recovery?” And you realize that retailers jack their prices up before dropping them down so the sales for BF? And you do realize that “Black Friday” is not named so because of satanic connotations but rather as the day that most retailers go into the profit (black) category? Unless you want to count all capitalism as evil, you’re conclusions are quite a stretch.

    Although I will admit that as always businesses can get quite surreal in their pandering for business – witness this morning I got an email from a web shopping site whose tag line read, “Get a jump on our Door-Buster Sale.” Um, dudes, you’re a web-based store; you have no door to bust. But in the end it’s all silliness.

  7. manteo16nc

    manteo16nc said, 4 days ago


    Yes, but would they be noticed? Or maybe they might put off the bombing thing and get in on a few deals first.

  8. Hiram Bingham

    Hiram Bingham said, 4 days ago

    People need to rediscover the joys of doing without.

  9. Osgood Konklin

    Osgood Konklin said, 4 days ago

    K mart, walmart and Meijer were open all day here in Chicagoland. Also 3 Burger Kings that I drove past were open with customers.

  10. Bats

    Bats said, 4 days ago

    @Hiram Bingham

    Well said.

  11. ChevJames007

    ChevJames007 said, 2 days ago

    @Hiram Bingham

    You are absolutely right!

  12. ChevJames007

    ChevJames007 said, 2 days ago

    Christmas . . . the season when people go into debt to buy presents that are not needed.

  13. æ²

    æ² said, 2 days ago

    Good ’toon from Lisa. I feel this way every year. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because it is simply getting together with my loved ones, having a good time (we play music together), and eating a nice meal where everyone contributes something good. There is no big retail commercialization built up around Thanksgiving, unlike the Halloween and Christmas that bookend it.

    But as far as the retailers are concerned, it barely exists. It is simply getting in the way, on the path from Halloween to Christmas. My supermarket puts up Christmas stuff even before the Halloween stuff is off the shelves.

  14. æ²

    æ² said, 2 days ago

    And…I’m not sure why I’m still mucking about here, when I said an hour or so ago elsewhere here that I’m off to do holiday things :-) Better get a move on it. Have a good weekend folks.

  15. disgustedamerican

    disgustedamerican said, 2 days ago

    I suspect when God surveyed Americans on Thanksgiving Day, He found only a few that honored the day with Praise and Thanksgiving to the source of blessings of good things.
    Not only do we insult God by “celebrating” as if He does not exist ( or He exists but “who cares?”), the evil done in public (protestors preventing other people from doing what they meant to do…shop sales) but fighting and stealing and showing rebellion to law enforcement people on duty.
    IMO this world is very close to Jesus’ prediction that in the end of the (Church) Age, the people would be as violent and evil as they were before God saved 8 obedient adults in Noah’s Ark, and drowned the evil humans who could have turned to God for salvation but instead defied The Creator who loves Mankind and wants to save us from our addiction to Sin. From Adam’s days, God saves humans one by one who put trust in God’s Promised Saviour= Jesus, promised to Adam in the Garden of Eden, and promised to all humans since Adam and guaranteed in writing in the Jewish Bible of 66 Books, Genesis to Revelation. I wish every poster would wake up and choose to drink God’s Water of Life=Jesus and stop drinking Satan’s Kool-Aid…!

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