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Lalo Alcaraz

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  1. PepeLePew2010

    PepeLePew2010 said, about 2 hours ago


  2. ConserveGov

    ConserveGov said, about 2 hours ago

    If his hands were up, not punching a cop in the face, he would still be alive.

  3. agrestic

    agrestic said, about 1 hour ago


    And I suppose you were an eyewitness? His hands were indeed up, according to multiple eyewitnesses. And you know what hasn’t been released? Any sort of medical report on that poor, poor officer’s “swollen face.” I suggest you try reading something besides Breitbart. It may shock you, all that amazing new information that’s out there, so make sure to consult your physician lest some vital organ give out all of a sudden.

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