La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

La Cucaracha

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  1. AlnicoV

    AlnicoV said, over 2 years ago

    That whole train wreck in Nevada, even the twits on Fox news are distancing themselves as fast as they can.

  2. cdward

    cdward said, over 2 years ago

    The fact that they were celebrating him up till his slavery comments says plenty. The guy stole millions from us.

  3. nighthawks

    nighthawks GoComics PRO Member said, over 2 years ago

    the mouse that roared

  4. chuckconly

    chuckconly said, over 2 years ago

    Lalo gets further to the left everyday, I guess Trudeau is his idol, I’m sure by now everyone has the chop job done by The times n the ranchers speech, He praises Mexicans! But you can’t expect truth from leftists!

  5. Lorenzo Browncoat

    Lorenzo Browncoat said, over 2 years ago

    Well, that’s funny. I was just gonna post a comment along the lines of, " Right on, hermano."

  6. dzw3030

    dzw3030 said, over 2 years ago

    Can we spell misdirection, folks? The guy may be a jerk, but the BLM still miss behaved. There is a bigger issue involved. Why does every regulatory agency need a SWAT Team? Once a SWAT team is created, it’s a resource that can’t sit idle, it’s existence must be justified. This is not a good thing.

  7. Kaffekup

    Kaffekup said, over 2 years ago

    I wonder why no-one complained when the Police State used pepper spray and water cannons and SWAT teams on peaceful Occupy protesters. I remember that “cop” spraying sitting people like they were cockroaches. I’m sure he’s still proud of himself.

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