La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

La Cucaracha

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  1. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, 8 months ago

    So Lindsay Lohan is a dude?

  2. AlnicoV

    AlnicoV said, 8 months ago

    There have been rumors for years that He’s gay, just he hasn’t gotten caught toe tapping in a airport restroom yet.

  3. Swalb%515

    Swalb%515 said, 8 months ago

    His accent, and voice is annoying. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  4. Pharmakeus Ubik

    Pharmakeus Ubik GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    Huckleberry Closetcase? He’s a fine example of a southern lady, always clutching his pearls.

  5. ottod

    ottod GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    @Pharmakeus Ubik

    Where have I heard that before? Hmmm…

  6. don57

    don57 said, 8 months ago

    @Pharmakeus Ubik

    Ah do declayah!

  7. Ian Rey

    Ian Rey said, 8 months ago

    Lalo, this is beneath you. So many legitimate, funny ways to criticize Lindsey Graham, and you go with “He’s a girl, nyahh nyahh.” Not good.

  8. Pharmakeus Ubik

    Pharmakeus Ubik GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago


    Can’t get away from the gold standard of American political snark, Mock, Paper, Scissors.

  9. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 8 months ago

    @Ian Rey

    I must agree, this is really low, silly and beneath your work Lalo. Stop slumming.

  10. Swalb%515

    Swalb%515 said, 8 months ago

    @Pharmakeus Ubik

    That’s the point of this strip. Lalo wants to make people agitated enough to comment about it.

  11. nonofyourbusiness

    nonofyourbusiness said, 8 months ago

    Here is what I wrote on the L.A. Times website:

    Look in today’s edition of the L.A. Times in the comic section for the comic strip La Cucaracha. Then tell me that racism against whites is a non-issue. I guess the L.A. Times is as guilty as all the other media outlets of trying to raise ratings on the backs of one ethnic group. I am personally often offended by that comic strip and it basically ruins the whole comics page for me. There is a real double standard going that is very divisive. If the white person in question is a conservative it’s fair game. Yet if a white person criticizes the President or speaks against amnesty, we are racist white people.

    Thanks for adding to division in this world. What ever it takes to make a buck huh?

  12. Kaffekup

    Kaffekup said, 8 months ago

    Reagan was a Democrat by the current republican standards. Not that they would claim him, either, what with his administration beginning the destruction of the middle class.

  13. Wabbit

    Wabbit GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago


    Reagan was the beginner of the destruction of the Middle class alright. He was getting senile before his 2nd. term. What was that ""voodoo economics" of his about?

  14. Kaffekup

    Kaffekup said, 8 months ago


    Very interesting. I thought I was the only one who detected Alzheimers before he was reelected.
    I just saw a graph that showed the 1% income doubling and tripling, while the middle class income flatlined beginning in the 80’s.

  15. Vida.sin.frenos

    Vida.sin.frenos said, 8 months ago

    Como una mariposa dulce.

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