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  1. Michael wme

    Michael wme said, 4 months ago

    Egypt has more Arabs (by far) than any other Arabian country. And the rulers steal so much that many are literally starving, so, with little to lose, they’ve been protesting in a place that has the death penalty for protesters (either de jure or de facto, but it doesn’t much matter if you’re dead).

    Mubarak was stealing almost everything, and the military decided it wasn’t worth their while to continue supporting him, so he was out, over the vehement objections of the King of Saudi Arabia who liked having someone who did what they [Royal they] asked (in exchange for modest baksheesh). Obama said he fully supported Mubarak until it was obvious that Mubarak was out disirregardless, and then Obama said Mubarak had to go, which is what we call wise diplomacy.

    Egypt had a more-or-less free and fair election and chose Morsi, who promised to take care of all Egyptians. Only he didn’t consider those who were not members of his own party to be real Egyptians, so he continued stealing as much as Mubarak, but split it all among the senior members of his own party. He also wrote the official, legal Egyptian Constitution which said Morsi could ONLY be removed in a general election (and he got to count the ballots). Meaning, he was President, if not for Life, at least for as long as he wanted, under Egyptian law.

    People were not happy, and General Sisi overthrew Morsi (as the King of Saudi Arabia cheered, since Morsi’s party is vehemently opposed to all royalty in the Arab world, plus Morsi let Iran use the Suez). This was clearly unconstitutional. Now former Gen. Sisi is President Sisi (but Sisi counted the ballots, and the Constitution said that was Morsi’s job, a job Morsi could not do since Gen Sisi had gaoled him).

    The King of Saudi Arabia immediately coughed up billions in baksheesh for former Gen now Pres. Sisi. If Sisi steals less than Mubarak and Morsi, the Egyptians will be much better off, but Sisi has ordered the Qatar journalists who support Morsi gaoled, and has ordered hundreds of members of Morsi’s party executed. So far, the Egyptians are waiting to see if they’ll end up better off, worse off, or just as bad as it was before, but most think President Sisi is their best hope. That’s best out of a rather dismal field of hopes, but still most Egyptians think he might be best.

  2. The Wolf In Your Midst

    The Wolf In Your Midst said, 4 months ago

    It’s okay. America will sell SOMEBODY some guns (we’ll do background checks later) and everything will be fine, because everyone we help is the GOOD GUYS and would never do anything to make us regret it.

  3. pcolli

    pcolli said, 4 months ago

    I think that Dr Zahi Hawass would have a lot to say about that.

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