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  1. indieme

    indieme GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    Must have been Mitch McConnell’s mechanics working on that plane.

  2. John Beam

    John Beam said, over 4 years ago


    I was thinking more in the lines of Paul Krugman, myself. He and Obama have proved that you don’t have to have an IQ above room-temperature to win a Nobel Prize.

  3. DGF999

    DGF999 said, over 4 years ago

    @John Beam

    I agree, Paul Krugman. He’s such an ijit..

  4. John Beam

    John Beam said, over 4 years ago

    Silly Obamabot…we’re essentially still in the same recession that we had in 2008. And, what has Obama done that is different from what Bush did (throwing government money around and calling it “stimulus”)? All he’s done is do it MORE. Also, let’s look at what the problem in Europe IS. It’s called “THE WELFARE STATE.” There are too many people who aren’t doing anything (either the elderly or those who don’t want to do anything), and not enough people who can contribute to it. Also, its demographics, which also demonstrates the fallacy of the welfare state. So, when you see what Europe has done to put themselves in the mess that they’re in, how do you see ANY difference in what anyone on the left wants America to be like?

  5. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    “W” and those who believed in “ultimate Reaganomics” proved you can have a single digit I.Q., get elected President, AND have “followers”. All you need is a “media” out there to get all things “backward”, and still be believed by an illiterate electorate.

  6. NebulousRikulau

    NebulousRikulau GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    @John Beam

    Do you have a job?
    Or do you just sit at the computer and whine?

  7. Justice22

    Justice22 said, over 4 years ago

    What is happenoing in PARTS of Europe began happening here in the 1980’s.

  8. indieme

    indieme GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    @John Beam

    Reagan, Bush I and Bush II all increased government spending to get us out of recessions. When Obama does it, the Repugs in congress block his every move, in order to crash the economy and make O a one term president, regardless of what it does to our country.

  9. ARodney

    ARodney said, over 4 years ago

    They really are trying to kill America’s economy for political reasons. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s really happening. Even GOP idea for economy stimulation, from infrastructure spending (Bush I, Bush II, Reagan) to tax cuts, is off the table, fillibustered until they defeat Obama. And these creeps have the gall to wear the American flag. If Obama wins another term, will they start blocking defense spending too?

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