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  1. jack75287

    jack75287 said, almost 6 years ago

    Although the troubles of our veterans are very bad please remember not all come back with these symptoms or troubles. First week back I was still thinking tactics. Second week was great.

    Truth is both a younger and more mature generation will be taking over this country in a few years.

  2. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 6 years ago

    Today’s vets are getting better prosthetics, and quicker care for PTSD and psych problems, but once that initial care is gone, things go downhill. We “older” vets are increasing in numbers, and many are finding their service “incidents” are catching up with them, physically and psychologically- it increases the load more than the $$ have kept up with.

  3. Cynthia

    Cynthia GoComics PRO Member said, almost 6 years ago

    When people see a veteran with both legs cut, they say “You’re a hero”. When they see a veteran sleeping on a park bench, they think “get a backbone”.

  4. rottenprat

    rottenprat said, almost 6 years ago

    It really depends on how close you are to the people you kill. Firing blindly into the night is different from smelling your assailant’s last breath.

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