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  1. Dale Hopson

    Dale Hopson GoComics PRO Member said, over 7 years ago

    Ouch… this one hit a nerve!

  2. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, over 7 years ago

    Henny Penny was right? Or did Chicken Little just spot Colonel Sanders coming over the hill?

  3. cdward

    cdward said, over 7 years ago

    If we’re going to jail people we should have the guts and integrity to do it on our own soil, and obeying our own laws.

  4. Simon_Jester

    Simon_Jester said, over 7 years ago

    Heck, I see that happen on this board all time; just ask any one of our resident neo-cons a tough question.

  5. danielsangeo

    danielsangeo said, over 7 years ago

    Don’t these “We can’t have terrorists on our soil” people know that we have terrorists on our soil right at this very moment and have had them here for years?

  6. Right_On

    Right_On said, over 7 years ago

    Amazing diversion tactic. Why are we closing camp X-ray? The “Hope and Change” was releasing the detainees, but we flipped on that, didn’t we, Barry?

    So now we have to keep these guys AND close camp X-ray? Come on, Barry, do the double flip and keep X-ray open. GITMO will still be there, and it costs pennies to run (as compared to the stimulus).

    This is so pathetic, we’re covering up Barry’s detainee flip with where to put the people he won’t release.

  7. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, over 7 years ago


  8. Fairportfan

    Fairportfan said, over 7 years ago

    Aside from Daddy Bush, all the recent Repub Presidents (and at least one Vice-President) have been chicken hawks.

    And so have most of the worst Repub warmongers in Congress.

    Including at least one who used his daddy’s influence to send another junior officer to Korea in his place.

  9. Fairportfan

    Fairportfan said, over 7 years ago

    Oh, and i was definitely including “I-spent-the-war-in-Hollywood-making-propaganda-films” Ronnie in that category.

  10. deadheadzan

    deadheadzan GoComics PRO Member said, over 7 years ago

    We have plenty of virulent home grown Tim McVay terrorists, anti- semetic, anti blacks and Latinos, and anti women’s rights. The 88 year old shooter at the Holecaust Museum yesterday is trying to really get the ball rolling.

  11. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, over 7 years ago

    Fairportfan - In general I agree, but depending on how far back you go, the Republicans get a lot better. (Not better than the Dems – better than today’s Repubs.) It’s the Vietnam-era Republicans who are the serious chickenhawks – and who maligned three-time Purple Heart winner Kerry by pretending he only had two – two more than Dubya could ever get. Nixon was in the Navy – and he could have legitimately avoided it as a Quaker (unlike Dick “I had other priorities” Cheney and Dubya) – and of course we all know about Eisenhower, who today the GOP would consider a left-wing-traitor-moonbat for questioning the Pentagon’s spending and actually running a war with integrity instead of torture.

  12. lalas

    lalas said, over 7 years ago

    Wrong-off – He never said he’d release them… that’s just your childish interpretation of his intent to close Gitmo.

    See, you dream up all these completely irrational scenarios, reasons, (il)logical extensions and consequences in your feeble little brain and then treat them as though they’re things that we on the left have said. Pretty weak there kitty-kat. And that is why we ridicule you (well, at least that’s why I ridicule you).

    That said, his closing of Gitmo is a PR move, no question.

  13. Tom   Wieliczka

    Tom Wieliczka said, over 7 years ago

    Wonder what state is going to take this latest “Terrorists” involved in the Holocaust Museum shooting?

  14. superfly-tnt

    superfly-tnt said, over 7 years ago


  15. deadheadzan

    deadheadzan GoComics PRO Member said, over 7 years ago

    The same holding pen that McVays, friend Terry ? is now residing in–of course that would be after a trial and conviction. As of now he is in the custody of Washington, DC and I think they can handle it.

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