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  1. wmconelly

    wmconelly said, over 1 year ago

    Shanghai in China is moving further ahead as the world’s top performing education system, with first place in tests in maths, reading and science. So we better cut food stamps, put emergency rooms back in charge of ordinary healthcare and let our infrastructure go to hell. That’ll show ’em.

  2. rpmurray

    rpmurray said, over 1 year ago


    Shanghai in China contains China’s wealthiest people, so we should follow China’s lead and and let the 99% rot.

  3. Enoki

    Enoki said, over 1 year ago

    What if you built a website and nobody came?

  4. DGF999

    DGF999 said, over 1 year ago

    @Debt Free

    Amen to that! I could never live in a communist country like China. I enjoy freedom too much!

  5. ARodney

    ARodney said, over 1 year ago

    The cartoon is pretty offensive. Obama is not the one peddling the death penalty in this country. The GOP has become the Party of Death not only in criminal cases, but in gun legislation, jobs, environment, health care, and reckless and callous abandonment of the poor, the unemployed, and children.

  6. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe GoComics PRO Member said, over 1 year ago


    As others have pointed out, only the children of the elites go to school in Shanghai. Most students in China aren’t tested. I suspect if we cherry picked school districts in affluent areas, we’d see the same high scores.

    Despite the high test scores, Shanghai students do little hands on work. One Chinese educator admitted that the students know all the answers, but struggle to come up with their own questions.

  7. denis1112

    denis1112 said, over 1 year ago


    How does FOX get the Democrats to say and od all that stuff on video?You know ,the stuff you say that Fox makes up.

  8. Zuhlamon

    Zuhlamon said, over 1 year ago


    Homeland Security Department official testified that the attack was unsuccessful.
    Because the built-in layers would halt the bogus request, as stated in the text. Then again, Ansonia, you sound disappointed (like that’s a surprise). Thank you for the link, Genome.

  9. Pauleytee

    Pauleytee said, over 1 year ago


    Yes, China is moving further ahead as the world’s performing education system. We better introduce courses in race & gender identity.

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