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  1. kernelcorny

    kernelcorny GoComics PRO Member said, 4 days ago

    To copy the Bible, they Ronald Reagan righteous don’t care if a Caeser Emperor Caligula or Nero is appointed at the highest levels of Federal government as long as the results are states’ rights.
    The Latin Roman Empire fell and states’ rights won.
    Ignoramuses, illiterates, royalists, or war criminials promoted to highest levels of Federal government, so be it.
    Whether Democrat or Republican, if you choose states’ rights then you va estar on the winning team.

  2. kernelcorny

    kernelcorny GoComics PRO Member said, 3 days ago

    Our government hides military secrets against civilians. Civilians are the enemy. Loose lips sink ships, free speech is a crime, Edward Snowden. Obama is not a crook.
    The Democrat-Republican system is corrupt from judiciary to legislative to executive.
    Patriots? For starters, lower the pay grade and compensation of anyone who wants to work for the Federal government to a vow of poverty taken by Roman Catholic Church priests.
    Yale is the leader of USAmerica law schools. The law is an ass.
    Yale is just another football college, except Yale is private and has a 20 billion dollar endowment fund.
    To appoint coach Jerry Sandusky, convicted felon, to be President of Yale would be an improvement over Yale’s present corrupt administration and association of tenured professors with senile dementia.
    (As in appoint former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to be president of the University of California system.)
    The Yale CIA Barbara Bush family are war criminals. (You have no rights after you are arrested by police; I don’t see any bruises inflicted by police; what happens in the bush stays in the bush, My Lai; etc, etc.)
    Hillary Clinton wins the Yale law school NAtional ZIcurity team pageant.
    Why does USAmerica MainStream Media protect those people? Because the MSM is just as corrupt.
    The Democrat-Republican system is incorrigible, beyond redemption, can not be rehabilitated.
    Change the Democrat-Republican monopoly of a Federal Election Commission from zero representation of small parties, third parties into ONLY representation of small parties, third parties.
    Unfortunately, the way to cure corruption in the Democrat-Republican system is to get rid of the Federal government.
    Left for dead, the Devil liveD.

  3. kernelcorny
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