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  1. narrowminded

    narrowminded said, about 5 hours ago

    Anyone who doesn’t understand that the corrupt political establishment in Washington DC is not interested in fair and honest elections is simply naive or in denial or a part of the establishment. There’s too much money at stake to leave results up to the electorate and chance. Right now the crooks in DC and their cronies along with the media propagandists want Mrs. Bill to win, so the deck is stacked against trump. This is blatant to see if one is honest.

  2. mikema50

    mikema50 said, about 4 hours ago

    @narrowminded, Conspiracy much? Evidence?

  3. sgm001

    sgm001 said, 42 minutes ago


    Don’t waste your time with the loser troll. It lives in its own delusion, wishing it was not an insignificance and hoping folks like you respond to its ranting so it can validate its sorry existence. Suggestion: BUY STOCK IN ALCOA. This clown will be making Aluminum foil hats faster than you can imagine. “THE DC CROWD ARE AFTER ME – OOOOOOH”

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