Sep 25, 2017
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Sep 27, 2017
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  1. Al the fish cup
    alasko  22 days ago

    So Jane admits Dorothy is controlling, quelle suprise.

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  2. Sunshine   copy
    SusanSunshine gc insider 22 days ago

    Well, one reason they broke up, when they had gotten together again, at some point many arcs ago,

    was that Dorothy started trying to change everything in Jane’s life… like getting rid of her furniture, etc.


    So I don’t think Jane has any doubt that Dorothy is controlling…..

    but when they’re apart, they miss each other.

    Kind of a recipe for disaster…

    but they keep following it in hopes it’ll be different “this time.”

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  3. Trashman scan
    wecatsgocomics  22 days ago

    I would like to see more “hotter, buff, bad ass” Jane. Can we keep her?

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  4. Photo
    GaryCooper  22 days ago

    Now I’m wondering what the hotter, buff, badass version of me looks like.

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