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  1. Kaywest

    Kaywest said, 11 months ago

    Occupy Tyr..?

  2. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 11 months ago


    Or Carthage. Supposedly, they were into child sacrifices.

  3. Doctor Toon

    Doctor Toon GoComics PRO Member said, 11 months ago

    Does have potential as a video game

  4. modena006

    modena006 said, 11 months ago

    Good to see Tyr, back.

  5. Tue Elung-Jensen

    Tue Elung-Jensen said, 11 months ago

    Thor is the god of thunder not rain, and is partially a god of war too. The one dealing with good crops are Frej (or whatever the english would mutliate the name into) being one of the fertility gods :)

  6. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 11 months ago

    While they receive less mention, numerous other gods and goddesses appear in the source material. (For a list of these deities, see List of Germanic deities.) Some of the gods we hear less about include the apple-bearing goddess Iðunn and her husband, the skaldic god Bragi; the gold-toothed, white-skinned god Heimdallr, born of nine mothers; the ancient god Týr, who lost a hand while binding the great wolf Fenrir; and the goddess Gefjon, who formed modern day Zealand, Denmark.17
    Tyr – God of war. Also the god of the skies. Killed by Garm.

  7. georgelcsmith

    georgelcsmith said, 11 months ago

    TYR must be Obama’s model.

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