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  1. Kylie2112

    Kylie2112 said, about 1 year ago

    Except, of course, that global warming will cause extreme fluctuations in all weather…including blizzards in New England in February.

  2. coffee_mom11

    coffee_mom11 said, about 1 year ago


    Riiigghht . . . because there’s no other explanation for SNOW in New England. . . in February. Sheesh.


    CHRISTOPHER BOYER said, about 1 year ago

    IT"S CLIMATE CHANGE, warming is only a part of it.

  4. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 year ago

    Well maybe they just didn’t want to talk about this:


  5. Overtaxed

    Overtaxed GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 year ago


    Perfect example of socialists getting all the government they deserve.

  6. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 year ago

    Maybe someone should explain life’s complex issues to Payne, like well, the meaning of a “STOP” sign?

  7. jack75287

    jack75287 said, about 1 year ago


    Are you being Sarcastic. New England Blizzards are common in February.

  8. Jimathai

    Jimathai GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 year ago

    ummm @Kylie2112 is simply stating that a snow storm is not proof that global warming is not a thing as Payne seems to think.

  9. Rockngolfer

    Rockngolfer said, about 1 year ago

    “Science literacy is a vaccine against the charlatans of the world that would exploit your ignorance.”
    --Neil deGrasse Tyson

  10. Gypsy8

    Gypsy8 said, about 1 year ago

    One hurricane or one blizzard are not abnormal. But when you get several one in a hundred year events in one year, you have to wonder. And only idiots would dismiss them as being meaningless, particularly when climatologists have been predicting extreme weather will become more frequent.

  11. pirate227

    pirate227 said, about 1 year ago

    Wow, it appears ignorance is not bliss. It appears that ignorance leads to tortured denials.

  12. ReasonsVentriloquist

    ReasonsVentriloquist said, about 1 year ago

    What Gypsy8 said!
    Think about it. NYC was hit by TWO Hurricanes in the past two years! In 2011 the storm went up the state an absolutely ravaged Schoharie, Ulster, Columbia, Delaware and other counties, it washed away entire towns, towns used to high water given the annual thaw of a winter in the snow belt. Then the storm moved into Vermont. VERMONT! A hurricane trashed Vermont!
    Storm of the century? Likely much longer than that!
    Then the next year, The NEXT YEAR! Hurricane Sandy.
    This snow storm is about energy in the Atlantic. Lots of water evaporating and being sent against the cold air coming down (as it usually does do)
    I’m surprised that this is a record setting snow. I remember much higher snowfall amounts many many times. There was a winter where we were getting 24 inches every few days. I remember having to shovel 4.5 feet off the porch roof. I remember wading through snow up to my midsection (I’m 6’1") from a single snowstorm in the late ‘80-very early ’90s. I remember in the decade between ’87 and ’97 (I don’t remember which year) when it was 10 below for weeks on end. The salt wouldn’t melt the ice on the roads and they had 6" of ice on them (all of them).
    Again, this storm is probably more historic for it’s size than for the snow it dropped in any one location. But then, I’m shocked that 32" is “all time record” snow for Portland, ME.
    The movie “The Perfect Storm” is about a real storm. It was a rarity. Now “Perfect Storms” seem to be more common.

  13. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 year ago


    To bad you won’t read this, LOL.

    You have a good point. Still it may be relevant to look at the records:



    And my favorite:


    The climate IS changing. Weather IS different than when I was a child. I lived through a LOT of very bad storms (Florida native and all). However, I do not see how Sandy was all that “extra” ordinary when you look at the history of storms in the NE USA.

  14. TJDestry

    TJDestry GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 year ago

    There’s a point at which ignorance is no longer an excuse for running this stupid gag. Come on, man. Read something. Think. This is disgracefully lazy and foolish.

  15. artyd2

    artyd2 GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 year ago

    My Fridge gets so much colder when it’s unplugged.

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