Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli

Heart of the City

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  1. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, about 24 hours ago


  2. corpcasselbury

    corpcasselbury said, about 20 hours ago

    I despise bullies.

  3. derdave969

    derdave969 said, about 18 hours ago


    Well then you pretty much despise the human race. Essentially you bully someone when you impose your will on them. Yeah, as an adult you don’t use the express threat (or actual use) of force, but you “require” them to perform.

  4. bpullin

    bpullin said, about 17 hours ago

    Teach your kids how to make a fist and thrust it into a bully’s face. That is how you make bullies go away.

  5. Laynegg

    Laynegg said, about 15 hours ago


    Or how to escalate the bullying into a physical fight. So make sure your kids can carry through their threat of a fist in the face. That being said my baby girl was bullied all through school from 4th grade to junior year. Junior year she picked up and slammed her much bigger bullier into a locker, held him there while she told him what she would do to him if he ever came near her again, then dropped him and walked away. Left a body size dent in the door. Teacher saw it all and applauded. She had to defend herself just twice more (with different people) before the message was out that she was no longer a victim. Sad that it came to her getting physical to end it and yes we adults did address the issue as it was happening but with no effect other than to drive it underground.

  6. JPuzzleWhiz

    JPuzzleWhiz said, about 15 hours ago

    Where’s Annie, Honeymoon and Collin when you need them?

  7. SukieCrandall

    SukieCrandall said, about 15 hours ago

    Assuming that everyone bullies is invalid unless the definition used is incredibly broad.

    If you are using the broadest possible definition and including all age groups then i agree you can apply it thst way, and that does seem to be what you are doing here but
    your definition that any imposition of will is bullying is one i find so broad as to render the word virtually meaningless. I.E. I can not accept that definition.

    Coincidentally, i ran this week into an article on the criminality of someone i used to know. His parents set no guiding limits, but despite that when he was a young adult he had an advanced degree, several legal and profitable enterprises (which his parents bankrolled to get started), and a family. He had never learned to value setting limits, however, and devolved into illegalities, some of which horridly victimized others. So, he got to spend a good deal of time as a “guest of the state”.

    On a different but related aspect: it may be best to remember that people often tend to assume that their approaches to life, or the approaches used by those who are close to them are more widely used than they are. We have all seen that. For example, people who cheat on their taxes really do in conversation tend to assume that most people do, and along the same line, teens who hang out w kids who try shoplifting will hear from those kids that “everyone does it” even though that is also not true. So, there will be those who bully and just assume it is normal and engaged in by everyone. They may not even realize that they are bullying.

  8. Mark_S

    Mark_S said, about 14 hours ago

    I’d be interested to see how those two respond to Honeymoon over in the Dick Tracy strip. She and Little Orphan Annie have run into some bullies too.

  9. Comic Minister

    Comic Minister said, about 14 hours ago

    Agreed Dean.

  10. abbybookcase

    abbybookcase said, about 12 hours ago

    wait dean doesn’t know about the teacup ride? or he doesn’t understand the metaphor?

  11. cybergal29

    cybergal29 said, about 6 hours ago


    Good for her! That is the way to deal with bullies! They seem to need pain to activate their brains!

  12. cybergal29

    cybergal29 said, about 6 hours ago

    I hope those two bullies get what is coming to them real soon!

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