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    HUMPHRIES said, almost 8 years ago

    Someone needs to put his left hand on his right ear and his right hand on his left ear and pull hard … then maybe his head will come out of his a$$.

  2. RogOregon

    RogOregon said, almost 8 years ago

    Kill the babies and spare the terrorists! Onward to real change!


    HUMPHRIES said, almost 8 years ago

    Rog … reread my post.

  4. dhleaky

    dhleaky GoComics PRO Member said, almost 8 years ago

    ThePupWithoutFear says:”Pro-lifers that protest there” , please, a factual example. Like shooting Doctors, harassing women, doing what is NOT LEGAL, Bombing buildings, etc. A factual example, please.

  5. lalas

    lalas said, almost 8 years ago


  6. not_bob_utah

    not_bob_utah said, almost 8 years ago

    very one sided, funding for planned parenthood is not promotion of abortion it is promotion of education, contraception and health support so that stupid people won’t need abortions.

  7. charliekane

    charliekane said, almost 8 years ago


    No one is “pro” abortion.

    Being pro-abortion is as illogical as being pro-waterboarding.

    Go figure.

  8. believecommonsense

    believecommonsense said, almost 8 years ago

    sick, sick, sick … and so typical of rabid “pro-lifers” who seem to have long ago lost the ability for critical thinking and have no more than a passing acquaintance with facts and are best friends with hypocrisy

  9. Cynthia

    Cynthia GoComics PRO Member said, almost 8 years ago

    Now this is one of the worst, most bad-tasted and biased toons I have seen on this site! No one pushes anyone into an abortion clinic. NO ONE. We just understand that sometimes it is necessary (the more scarse those “sometimes” are, the better it is for everyone.)

  10. daisy66

    daisy66 said, almost 8 years ago

    Why does Obama look like Nixon?

    And why is it always white woman who is supposedly being forced to have an abortion?

  11. Diziet_Sma

    Diziet_Sma said, almost 8 years ago

    Oh, for the fcuk of shit.


    HUMPHRIES said, almost 8 years ago

    daisy66, it’s the McCoy 50’s mind set.

  13. William Wilkerson

    William Wilkerson said, almost 8 years ago

    Nice to see that Rush will always have some reading - assuming he can see through the Rx fog to read, that is…

    “Every Child a Wanted Child” & while we’re at it how about “Every Child an Expected Child” - it’s time to abort the ignorance & fear promulgated by the morally self.rightous church types and put Sex Education back where it belongs: in the Education System. Abandon the noise about that being a “family’s choice” - society can’t afford the cost of an inherently dangerous activity like driving to be left to Ma & Pa so it is delegated to a system designed to impart INFORMATION.

    Abstinence doesn’t work [and neither does prohibition, but that is another Rant!] since it’s just a fancy term for IGNORANCE which in the modern era can get you Killed; either driving or f$%)#ing without the right fact set and hopefully a little bit of practice in a safe enviroment [but that really IS another Rant!].

    Live In Peace / Deport The Stupid

  14. dcorsetto

    dcorsetto said, almost 8 years ago

    If Glenn has to be this outlandish and ridiculous to illustrate his opinion, it truly speaks volumes about him.

    As a professional cartoonist, I’m embarrassed to share the same career as someone who would create bleeep like this.

  15. PunditusMaximus

    PunditusMaximus said, almost 8 years ago

    I was trying to figure out if the cartoonist was stupid or dishonest here. Then I realized it was a false dichotomy – he could be both.

    Pro-torture, anti-woman, lying and lying and lying … just another typical conservative.

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