1. I yam who i yam
    Kind&Kinder 4 days ago

    Don’t Panic!

  2. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom 4 days ago

    I see he has the answer, but where’s his towel?

  3. Missing large
    Brick flag 4 days ago

    The books were great, the movie sucked.

  4. Missing large
    garcoa 4 days ago

    “just” a chew toy, Come on, Rob.

    Kyle of Lochalsh 4 days ago

    Newsflash to Rob 6 X 9 is not 42!!

  6. Missing large
    Brian Fink 4 days ago

    But Alan Rickman as Marvin did save what little was left to be saved in the movie.

  7. Picture
    JackButler1 4 days ago

    Yes, the movie was terrible; the BBC series, however, was spot on.

  8. Missing large
    Cozmik Cowboy 4 days ago

    Satchel is a frood who really knows where his towel is.

  9. Celtic knot1 th
    UBBM GC Insider 4 days ago

    How old is this comic?

  10. Missing large
    Daniel Jacobson GC Insider 4 days ago

    I enjoyed both the book and the BBC series. I thought the “movie,” Rob mentioned was the BBC series. I apparently missed the movie, but, judging from the comments, I sure did not miss anything. Hollywood turned me off years and years ago.

  11. Rob
    Baron Grim 3 days ago

    The film was just yet another incarnation. They all differ, and they all have parts that are endearing to hoopy froods who know where their towels are. First there was the original BBC radio version. Then the first two books & TV series were written somewhat together (yet still rather differently). Then the subsequent books and many years went by as Douglas Adams battled in LA to get the film production off the ground. Sadly, it malingered around the studios until after DNA died. The folks that put the film together did a good job, considering how big the Hitchhikers story had become. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. All those books, TV shows, Radioplays and Amateur dramatics. To squeeze all that into a 100 minute film was never going to please everyone. Also, to include NEW MATERIAL with a new character written by Douglas Adams himself… Why wouldn’t you love that!? (And, YES! DNA did change the script to include the Arthur/Trillian love interest himself. So don’t complain that Hollywood did it.) Now that a few years have gone by, dust off your DVD, relax, let go of your expectations, and watch it again. Sure, it’s not prefect, but it’s a fine, fun film. (And that opening musical number is great!)

  12. Pa220005
    John Aston GC Insider 3 days ago

    Yes, I agree – all five books in the trilogy were fabulous. The BBC TV series was also wonderful. The movie, on the other hand, sucked. It sucked so much that a black hole wouldn’t have a chance against it.

  13. Missing large
    imagpa59 3 days ago

    what’s a book?

  14. 14563329 10206652648148087 5460197690157967338 n
    josephz2va 2 days ago

    Oh God. Another remake of the movie? (shreds local movie card).

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