Mar 22, 2014
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Bucky: I'm turning all of Rob's pictures upside down.
Satchel: Why?
Bucky: He changed Tuna brands on me! Blah blah blah dolphin-safe logo blah!
Satchel: Maybe I like dolphin bits in my tuna! I don't complain about the chocolate chips in his ice cream! So I said how 'bout I switch your potato chip brand! I don't see a rhubarb-safe logo on this one! Maybe their potato net is snagging a half acre of collateral rhubarb when they trawl for potatoes!
Satchel: What did he say to that?
Bucky: Nothing. As the kids say, he got powned.
Satchel: I don't think you say the "p". Just owned.
Bucky: Yeah? Ok, so if you ever correct me again I'll unch you in the iehole. 
Satchel: But why turn his pictures upside down?
Bucky: I just saw red, man.
Satchel: I wouldn't call revenge decoration seeing red. More like seeing fuchsia.
Bucky: You're gonna wake up in a world of upside-down posters, my friend.
Satchel: Go nuts. Everything's right-side up when I'm on my back.
Mar 24, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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