Mar 1, 2014
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Satch: You borrowed my watch to tape it to your litter box?
Bucky: Show some respect. This is a working time machine.
Satch: Well, not to be negative, but no.
Bucky: I'll have you know I went to the future in this.
Satch: How far into the future?
Bucky: I was just testing it, so not far. Maybe like a minute.
Satch: So essentially. You got in a box, fiddled around a minute, and got out.
Bucky: One minute ...In the future!
Satch: So it's a time machine in the same way that, say, a public toliet is. Ha ha! It's a portal potty!
Bucky: Oh! You broke it!
Satch: Relax, it's just held on by tape.
Bucky: Oh, right. And life is just carbon, idiot.
Satch: It was never a time machine, Bucky.
Bucky: We'll see! Come back yesterday! And prepare yourself to have been amazed!
Mar 3, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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