Jan 11, 2014
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Satchel Pooch: Why are you drawing a picture of a chicken with a gun? 
Bucky Katt: I'm writing a history of animal uprisings. 
Rob Wilco: You don't know anything about history. 
Bucky Katt: Excuse you, I am a student of history.
Rob Wilco: ...said the guy who wrote an angry letter to Roger Ebert for giving away that the Titanic sinks...  
Satchel Pooch: But why does the chicken have a gun?
Bucky Katt: He's part of a military chicken coop.
Rob Wilco: (KNPK!)
Bucky Katt: What's so funny, nasal spray?
Satchel Pooch: Oh! Exploding milk! Now the cows are uprising! 
Rob Wilco: Relax, it's just soy milk. 
Bucky Katt: Famous last words if I ever heard 'em. 
Rob Wilco: No such thing as a military chicken coop. 
Satchel Pooch: Good! I wouldn't want to have to take eggs from those chickens!
Jan 13, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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