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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Nov 30, 2013
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Bucky Katt: I'm going to Trevor Square cover for me if Rob asks where I am. 
Satchel Pooch: Oooo be careful. My pal Ira had his nose broken in four places there. When I go there I take one of those big, metal pipe things for safety, you know? They're like this long. 
Bucky Katt: So you're saying it's a rough neighborhood? 
Satchel Pooch: No, it's, like, uncandescent or whatever. 
Bucky Katt: What on earth are you talking about? And how do you break a tiny chilhuahua's nose in four places?  
Satchel Pooch: Let's see...on a sign post, on a mailbox, and on two different trees. 
Bucky Katt: Satchel, you're a moron. 
Satchel Pooch: Moron with a big, metal-oh! Flashlight!
Dec 2, 2013
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