Jun 22, 2013
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Satchel: Wanna try my homemade jelly?
Bucky: Why not? I'm healthy. Oh... Oh, my sad little mouth.
Satchel: You don't like it?
Bucky: You know you're not supposed to use jellyfish, right?
Satchel: It's strawberry!
Bucky: You know it's not straw and berries, right?
Satchel: It's fresh strawberries.
Bucky: It tastes like if satan made jelly to try to cheer up.
Satchel: Hm.
Bucky: But it turned out so bad, it just made him sadder. No, it tastes like a filthy peasant started making jelly in 1348, but died of the plague and fell into the jelly, and they just sat there for 700 years until you found it.
Bucky: It's medieval plague jelly, spoiled.
Satchel: Give it back, then.
Bucky: I didn't say I wasn't going to eat it!
Jun 24, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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