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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Jun 15, 2013
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Rob: Are you wearing an ice cream carton?
Bucky: Are you referring to my Grand Fez De Cultolate?
Rob: De what?
Bucky: I'm starting a cult. Not 100% sure what we're about yet, but right now I"m focusing on child sacrifice guidelines.
Rob: What?!
Bucky: Yeah, they'll have to go to cult school 18 hours a day to learn the cultisms.
Rob: ...oh, that kind of sacrifice.
Bucky: Right now I'm writing pros trying to lock down the basics.
Rob: Prose? What, like fiction?
Bucky: No, baseball players, mostly I heard they're stupid enough to join the, um... ...hey, by the way, you want to join?
Jun 17, 2013
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