May 4, 2013
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Rob: What's the bump on your head?
Satchel: Probably just left over from Easter.
Rob: What happened on Easter?
Satchel: Nothing weird. Just the easter punchy.
Rob: What's the easter punchy.
Satchel: The easter bunny's evil helper.
Rob: There's no such thing as the easter punchy.
Satchel: Yeah? Then who attacks me in my sleep every Eastereen night? You?! Ha ha!
Rob: Satchel...
Satchel: Next thing you'll tell me there's no santa claw-you, either!
Rob: There is no santa claw-you, Satchel!
Satchel: Oh my. I'll have to ask him who he is this year.
Rob; Trust me, neither of those guys are comin' back.
Satchel: Well... I guess I can ask the knock-your-tooth-out fairy who they are, she comes every week.
May 6, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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