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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Jan 12, 2013
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Satchel: Bucky, do... Oh! Sorry. You're sleeping.
Bucky: No, I'm not.
Satchel: You're wheezing like an empty ketchup bottle!
Bucky: I'm just shutinking.
Satchel: Shutinking?
Bucky: Thinking with my eyes shut. Cats have over 75 words for different kinds of inactivity.
Satchel: Wow. Cats are like the eskimos of laziness!
Bucky: Eskimos aren't lazy.
Satchel: No, I mean they have lots of words for snow.
Bucky: I see. We both eat fish, too.
Satchel: Yeah!
Bucky: And we both hate seals.
Satchel: Gimme some more lazy words!
Bucky: No. Now go away. You're borenoying me.
Satchel: Ha ha! Yeah!
Jan 14, 2013
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