Gary Varvel

  1. Cool yoda
    2old4thizschit 11 days ago

    Ten to one, what comes eventually comes out won’t look much different than what went in……

  2. Avitar
    herrweh 11 days ago

    Trump forgot the old saying, “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your mission was to drain the swamp.”

  3. Image
    magicwalnut GC INSIDER 11 days ago

    Love the smile on the alligator’s face.

  4. Missing large
    TXGal 11 days ago

    Many politicians have forgotten what happens when they let their alligator mouth overwhelm their hummingbird tuckus, too. They figure out what that means at the most inconvenient times…

  5. Frank
    Frankfreak 11 days ago

    Tx, unless they are republicans, then they get supported by the party and continually voted back into their government position.

  6. Me c
    Radish GC INSIDER 11 days ago

    The Tramp plutocracy of billionaires will make everything great, they were telling us before the election.

  7. Missing large
    12sheba34 11 days ago

    Whoa… that gator is gonna have one yuge, bigly case of heart burn ever!

  8. 2016 steelers wallpaper six superbowls rings trophys
    awesomesteeler 11 days ago

    You know it…. Burp is Right!!!

  9. Frank
    Frankfreak 10 days ago

    Repubs eating their base.

  10. Missing large
    interventor 9 days ago

    Democrats dreaming.

  11. Missing large
    twclix GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    Paid Russian trolls trolling.

  12.          a new avatar
    FRED45 9 days ago

    Soon to be true…

  13. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma GC INSIDER 8 days ago

    The reptile ate a squirrel, or was it a snake?

  14. Ab avitar
    Addled Brain 8 days ago

    During the election campaign candidate Trump was aghast that the Clinton Foundation accepted money from Saudi Arabia and he demanded that Clinton return the money because the Saudis are such reprobates. This week he’s rolling around in bed with them with nary a hint of an apology to Hillary Clinton. I’ve heard he doesn’t do apologies because he can never be wrong.

  15. Missing large
    DrDon1 8 days ago

    Must be a pure coincidence that Saudi Arabia and the UAE made a $100 million contribution to Ivanka’s “Foundation!”

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Read Gary Varvel from the beginning!